On Saturday, Sept. 11, Heritage’s cross country team raced in the 45th annual Liberty Bell that took place at Heritage High School.

Freshman Emily G. reflects on her first experience running the Liberty Bell.

“The Liberty Bell went well for me. Considering my other run times of the course, I’m definitely satisfied with my performance on Saturday. But I was not expecting the Liberty Bell to be so big. Compared to the other races this season it was a lot bigger and there was a lot more competition since 95 teams came,” Emily G. explains.

Senior runner Connor K. shares his opinion on the race day change from Friday to a Saturday.

“Personally I preferred having the Liberty Bell on a Saturday because you can just run in the morning without having to go through a whole day of school first. When the race was still on Friday, we had issues with school ending and students trying to leave the parking lot,” says Connor K.

One of the cross country coaches, Ms. Wade, explains how the race differed last year due to the pandemic.

“Last year there was a Liberty Bell, but we were only allowed to run 100 people: 50 girls 50 boys. We called it the distance classic because it was so different from what we normally do for the Liberty Bell,” Wade recalls.

Wade also describes the impact of the Liberty Bell on her cross country runners.

“The Liberty Bell is remembered for years and years by the kids who run it,” states Wade.

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