In the 2021-2022 school year, HHS introduced a new parking option, personalized parking spaces, for $150 on top of the $50 parking permit.

   Originally the idea was that the first five rows in the main lot were to be painted. However, on the day of painting, students painted parking spots in the senior lot as well. Although a personalized parking space is a great idea, it is overpriced and unfair to those who cannot afford it.

   The parking permits are already $50, which is a lot to spend for the year. For some students, it is even a stretch to be able to afford a car, let alone being able to park it so they can drive home. As gas prices are going up and cars are getting more expensive each day, it is unreasonable to ask for another $150 on top of that just to personalize your spot. 

   Most high schools automatically allow all seniors to personalize their spots as a reward, or rite of passage, for getting through four years of high school. These days, painting the parking spots turns into bonding days and raises the morale of the seniors. It also allows a little more self-expression for students to share. 

   Some may argue that it would let inappropriate designs slip through the cracks or cause problems and be hard to clean up. Students already have to submit their design and have it approved. Along with that, it would not be required to buy a personalized spot, it would just be a small extra cost. Students provide their own materials and the school is not held accountable for any of that responsibility. Students can repaint over the old artwork, which will have faded by the following year.

  Allowing personalized parking spaces to be a type of pay-to-win service defeats the novelty of the experience.

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