Due to the impacts of Covid-19, the college admissions process has changed drastically from past years.

Junior Kylie S. mentions how she has been looking into schools and how she believes the admissions process has changed.

“With the quarantine year, it was kind of the catalyst to look at test scores less and focus on general academics and the activities and personality of the students,” describes Kylie.

In agreement, junior Rachel W. describes how the lack of in-person events due to college has changed the way the college process works.

“You have to do a lot of things not in person and there’s a lot that was canceled and fewer things that you can put on your college application,” says Rachel.

Despite the changes to the college admissions process, senior Asher S. persevered and applied. He mentions how writing the supplemental essays was the hardest part of applying.

“If you are doing scholarship applications and honors applications that require more than the normal application, that gets overwhelming, but if you just hammer them out, you can get through it,” states Asher.

Senior Lauren S. agrees with Asher and mentions how keeping organized helped her keep track of everything. Along with that, she describes how the changes from Covid benefitted her, personally.

“I think colleges are being a lot more understanding when it comes to applications. Also, I like how schools are making test scores less of a factor. With some kids, especially, their test scores do not reflect them as a student and it’s unfair to have to weigh that student’s application on a single test they took when they were 16 or 17!” exclaims Lauren.

For students planning to apply to colleges, Lauren gives her advice.

“Do your research, start early, end of junior year or over the summer, and organize. I know the organization helped me keep track of everything and I know some kids are like ‘I don’t even know which schools I applied to.’ Also, don’t worry about it, it is what it is, you get in or you don’t get in, it’s a single college and a single application, you’ll be fine,” says Lauren.

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