On Thursday Aug. 26 and Friday Aug. 27, Heritage Theatre hosted tech round-up days where students could learn about the different tech crews within the theatre.

   Stage Manager and Student Tech Director Emma Bell ’22 describes how she believes the turnout was much greater than she initially thought.

   “I honestly didn’t think a ton of new people would come, I thought it would be more people from previous years who want to continue to do tech. I was surprised and excited about the turnout,” says Bell.

   Bell also mentions that with an unusual year last year, planning a tech round-up this year consisted of piecing multiple aspects together.

   “The first day was very chaotic because I was doing six things at once, but then having done it the day before and realizing what I needed to do to make it go smoother was helpful for Friday,” says Bell.

   Costume Head Lyn Laushman ’23 describes how successful she thought the event was in introducing new members to theatre.

   “It was definitely successful because we had a great turnout and 90% of the people who came immediately got involved with some crew; whether it be joining a Remind or a GroupMe or gaining contact with a crew head. All of these kids stuck around,” says Laushman.

   Laushman believes that the round-up was well executed and entertaining for the attendees.

   “My favorite part was getting to show off costumes we have made because pulling out these platforms from Jesus Christ Superstar with the hot pink glitter and the look on the kids’ faces when you pull out a cool costume piece is my favorite thing ever,” says Laushman

   Sophomore Sofia Seidal thinks that the tech round-up helped her learn how to better be involved in the theatre community.

   “I knew a lot of people that went not knowing what they wanted to do and figuring it out. I went in not knowing what I wanted to do and walked out knowing I wanted to do these three crews,” says Seidel.

   She thinks that if a student wants to be involved in theatre, getting involved through tech and attending the tech round-up is valuable.

   “I wasn’t sure going into it what anything entailed or how to do it, or what the demands were, but it really taught me a lot about what goes on behind the scenes and how it happens,” says Seidel.

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