The Heritage High School’s Winter Brass performed to a crowd in downtown Littleton prior to the tree lighting ceremony on Nov. 26. The Winter Brass performed many Christmas songs, including Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Up On a Housetop and more. The Winter Brass performed on the corner of Main Street and South Sycamore Street. 

“Playing at the Tree Lighting Ceremony was a great way to kick off the holiday season and play Christmas favorites with all of your friends,” says Isaac F., ’23, a trumpet player in the Winter Brass. 

The performance began at 5:30 p.m., and many people started gathering to come to watch the show. The audience was very enthusiastic and was dancing around to the music with their family and friends. 

“Winter Brass is really fun. I really like the people in Winter Brass and how patient they have been,” says trombone player Madeline M., ’25.

In the Tree Lighting Ceremony, people came to watch a parade, including many cars, old and new, that drove through the streets of downtown Littleton. The cars were decorated with many interesting Christmas lights leading to the tree to light it. 

“It was an amazing experience to play during the tree lighting ceremony. It’s a blast playing with the band and seeing the crowd enjoy the show. It’s always fun to play Christmas songs and have an excuse to decorate our instruments with Christmas decorations,” says Aidan W., ’22. 

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