Dec. 2-4, Heritage Theater went to the Colorado State Thespians’ Thescon at the Denver Convention Center. Heritage students performed individual songs, monologues and tech presentations, as well as attended theater workshops at the convention. 

Thescon allows students involved in theater to learn from different teachers and industry professionals. Senior Joshua M. explains the workshops and individual events students participated in over the weekend.

“The main thing students do at Thescon is workshops. These workshops range from dancing classes to directing tips to microphone presentations, and there are hundreds to choose from across the nine sessions during the weekend. In addition to workshops, there are performances and presentations which are called Individual Events. There are categories in musical theatre, acting and tech. The best ones get chosen to be showcased during the closing ceremony. Schools can also submit their shows to be showcased through the main stage performance each night,” Josh describes.

Performing a song to be judged can be intimidating. Sophomore Jordyn S reflects on her time at Thescon and her musical theater individual event performance.

“One of my favorite parts was performing my IE. Although it was really nerve-wracking, it was really fun to get up on stage and finally perform a piece that I have been working on and am really proud of. Another one of my favorite parts was the shows at night. Being able to sit in a theater among some amazingly talented people and watch a drag queen together was incredible in itself,” Jordyn explains.

Senior Jules H. describes how the convention connected her to Heritage Theater more. 

“I loved getting to spend time with new people at Thescon. There are a lot of students at Heritage in the theater department that I didn’t know super well. but Thescon gave me the opportunity to connect more with them, and I’m really glad about that,” states Jules. 

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